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Fear of success is only for the unworthy – and that’s not you

Fear of success is real and believe it or not there are millions across the world who live with this phobia on a daily basis. It is difficult to define because success can come and is judged in so many different forms, but it is bad enough to cause major problems for sufferers – and in extreme cases it can be life changing.

It seems ironic that while so many crave success and the fame and fortune that goes with it there are those that fear it with the same level of passion – at least it seems that way especially when you discover that success and the way we react to it, means different things to different people.

At the most basic level there are those that never want to be seen to be standing out in a crowd. That could mean never putting your hand up in class, never volunteering or putting yourself forward for even the most mundane of tasks, always sitting in the back row, hoping you will go unnoticed.

Fear of success in such cases means the potential for humiliation, the thought that people will laugh at you if you get it wrong. Much better not to try, than to take the risk of public rejection. Confused, I expect you are, because what I am describing sounds more like the fear of failure – so let’s explain the difference.

The two are closely linked, but while the variations may be subtle – they are still very much poles apart. Fear of failure is all about wanting something badly but being too afraid to pursue the dream. Fear of success is the worry that great things will be foisted upon you and you will not be worthy, so best not to try.

This feeling of unworthiness is the real key to understanding fear of success and when you can get that idea fixed in your mind then you can then look to use positive thinking as a potential solution and embrace the real benefits that success brings.

However, unworthiness also comes in many different forms so you need understand the levers that make you feel this way. The most common relates to money where sufferers feel that they should not have been so blessed or have been more fortunate than others. They find it difficult to cope when they see poverty and lack and as a consequence feel guilty that they have been successful while others have not.

It is no good telling such people that there is plenty to go around and everyone can enjoy the same success and prosperity if they practice positive thinking. They have heard for example all the stories that being rich cannot relate to religious beliefs – the best known being about the rich man, the camel and the eye of the needle which implies that the wealthy will never enter heaven.

In spite of these fears there are many who still reach the greatest heights even though they fear being unable to cope with what it brings. Such people conveniently forget that they can use their wealth to benefit the poor and make a difference in a way that reflects their means – they can only see the guilt and as a result are unable to enjoy their money and what it can do.

Even worse is the scenario that those that have the ability to be rich reject the idea because they feel they will never be able to handle money. Equally, they never aspire to let the world see their talent for fear they will not be able to handle fame.

There are many similar variations which all relate to fear of success so you should now have an idea by now as to whether I am talking about someone like you. If the answer is yes then we should set about doing something about it.how to overcome the fear of success

First you need a plan and like many other areas of powerful positive thinking you need a piece of paper and a pen and you must write down your specification to the Universe. Put all your fears to one side for the moment and write down the thing or things you wish to achieve in life. Use bucket loads of common sense when you do this – by keeping it real you will make it happen.

Once you are happy with your aspirations you now need to tackle the fears. Be open and honest and write down everything that is worrying you and preventing your progress. This is very important because you are now confronting those fears and by doing this then they do not seem so daunting.

All done – then progress to the third section and write down a plan of action that will help you and the Universe deliver your aspirations. This is your specification, it is personal to you so read it again and amend where necessary because when you are happy with it – you must destroy it – the more dramatically, the better.

That is your signal to the Universe that your order has been delivered. Now it is important that you forget about it and concentrate instead on the action. If you keep focussing on what you want it will never happen?

You have done all the hard work, you have confronted your fears and given yourself the power – so what are you waiting for. It is now ready to happen for you.