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Feeling powerless? Then get ready to embrace change

For many the future has never seemed more uncertain than it is right now. There are real concerns about every aspect of our lives and as a result there are those who feel totally powerless and unable to go forward in any meaningful way.

It is little consolation to be told that we are all facing the same issues as a result of an unforeseen global pandemic, when you have your own problems to worry about.  You are not being selfish, when you believe your entire world might come crashing down around you. It has understandably all become personal and you can think about little else.

I call it “what if” syndrome – and it really applies to many people right now. What if I have no job to go back to, then how will we manage? What if we catch this wretched disease? What if I lose everything? Feel free to add your own thoughts here because the list is almost endless.

Because these concerns are very real it is difficult to think in a positive way, but there are many reasons why you should – and let me tell you why.  What if has probably not happened for the moment. It is a very real fear nonetheless and there may be good reasons why you are feeling this way – but let me repeat again – it has not happened yet and even if it has you have to be positive about the future if you are ever going to move on.

By focussing on the “What if” all you are doing is working on the potential for a self-fulfilling prophecy. As you concentrate on what you do not want the Universe is assuming the complete opposite – and that means it will attract the very thing you fear most because this is what occupies your thoughts.

It’s a tough call, but how do you change those brainwaves when every fibre of your body suggests that your concerns for the future are very real. You are probably rejecting any calls to be positive in the face of what you consider are cast iron facts.

If this is how you are thinking then what have you got to lose by being positive? You can sit there and worry as much as you want – it is your choice – but you will be unable to change anything for the better by constantly imagining a worst case scenario.

The alternatives offer much better solutions – so what are they? You are gifted with a special tool. It’s called your imagination and it has the power to attract anything you want. Right now, it is not working on your behalf and is in urgent need of a reboot – if you want to change your life.

Start using it to visualise a much better future where you have job security, more money, a happy family free from all worries. They more you focus on the good things, the more the Universe starts to get the message.

Before you start to complain, I did not say it would be easy. It is difficult to begin with when your logical brain starts to dictate your thought. This is the one that programmes your sub conscious which in turn communicates with the universe.

That’s why you have to defy logic so that the sub conscious begins to get a different kind of message. When negative thoughts begin to dominate they have to be rejected and substituted with messages for a more hopeful future.

It takes a bit of practice and some days it will feel impossible but when you persevere the rewards start to flow. Firstly, you begin to feel a little happier in yourself. This feeling comes because you are doing something to correct your situation.

As your mood changes you begin to identify solutions. What if might happen but you are now ready to embrace something different if it does and you will actually begin to like the sound of it. The future no longer feels so daunting.

Your positive thoughts will in turn create action and this will make things happen and when this occurs it usually means that you are moving on to even better things.

You do not have to do any of this of course. You can sit there and worry and hopefully the things you fear most will not happen. You have the right to feel miserable if you so choose, but I know what path I would take – what about you?