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Peace of mind is ready when you are

It is worth more than riches or any other material possession, it is something that every human being strives for, but few achieve; it is the ultimate gift for it is the most difficult to obtain – and it’s called peace of mind.

It is available and ready to be claimed by anyone prepared to accept powerful positive thinking into their lives and with it the faith that everything they desire or need will be received and any challenge will be overcome.

Think how you would be if you were totally free of all your worries, totally unconcerned about money, relationships and all the other day to day concerns that we allow to dictate our nature and the way we live.

Human beings are natural worriers and when they focus everything on one particular outcome, they manifest the very thing they were most dreading. The Universe is the ultimate computer, but this one never wants to say no. The problem is that it will always assume that you are focusing on what you want – and does not distinguish as to whether it’s good or bad.

We are all creating our futures by the way we think and even if you are not negative by nature you have to monitor and redirect your thoughts when they stray into the dark side. This might be difficult but not impossible to achieve initially because our thoughts are so random that your focus is constantly switching from problem to problem.

This is the challenge for serial worriers who seem to be concerned about everything. They worry for the safety of their children, how others see them, whether they are good enough, are they too fat, too thin, too short too tall – hey! Let’s stop there – how long has this list got to be.

You will never be able to achieve peace of mind until you decide to stop. A good beginning is to write down all of your worries – don’t be shy or conservative – let it all out. Just by preparing a list will help you see just how trivial most are. Those are the ones you can choose not to worry about any more.

Once you have identified what is really worrying you, then set about instigating a plan of action and start to concentrate on that instead of the problem. The Universe likes what it sees – new software – and it’s ready to give you a boost because your thoughts are now on positive outcomes and not a series of irrational worries. You have taken a giant step to achieving peace of mind.

Of course – not all worries are irrational or trivial. It is natural to fear for a loved one if they have, for example, been diagnosed with a serious illness, but you don’t have to imagine the worst possible outcome – create in your mind the best achievable prognosis.

That does not mean to say that you cannot be realistic. Some illnesses are terminal but by being positive you create strength and peace of mind for those around you. They benefit from your positive mind set allowing loved ones to celebrate that life and make the most of the time that’s left – and with it comes that added peace of mind that you are doing everything in the right way.

The same can be applied to money. If you are constantly focussing on your inability to pay bills then don’t be surprised if you manifest more of the same. Constantly worrying about money means that you can never achieve peace of mind or actually attract the cash you need.

I show you how to attract money into your life in other articles in my books and on my website, but a good start is stop focussing on your inability to pay and think instead that anything is possible. Simply by shifting your focus you will create action in your life that you are doing something about the problem – your mind in turn will become more peaceful.

I have left relationships toward the end of this article because there are so many variables and complications to consider. The nature of the relationship whether it is with a partner, child, parent is going to be different and so will your fears.

Once again you need to be realistic. All the positive thinking in the world will not win back a partner who has left and doesn’t want to come back, but it will assist you to create a new life and help to attract something or someone better into your orbit.

Children get into scrapes, parents have a life time of experience and can look after themselves – you don’t have to take everyone’s troubles on board because you need peace of mind and you need it now. So start seeing your life in a more positive way and let the Universe help – it’s just waiting for you to leave the dark side – so are you ready.